Online fish table games are one of the oldest and extremely attractive forms of entertainment. Players can choose an online fish table to earn extra income. Players who want to learn how to win money fish tables online from experts can refer to the article below. Hope this information will help players!

How To Win Money At Fish Tables - Tips And Tricks To Play

Join Multiple Versions

  • The market today has a lot of online fish table game products, eye-catching graphics, realistic sounds and extremely attractive bonuses.

  • Players can optionally choose the appropriate online fish table version to stick with for a long time. Players also do not hesitate to try and discover many other versions. Thus, players will have a new experience for themselves.

  • According to research, the online versions of fish table such as Ocean king 3 online real money or golden dragon online fish table all have the same method. However, players need to learn about the number of fish and the payout ratio of each creature to get better results.

  • Each game will be released by its own manufacturer, players do not forget to choose a big, famous game publisher. Because of that, the new games have good quality, ensuring a great experience for customers.

Choose The Right Playroom

  • Each online version of fish table will have different ranks. Players can freely choose the room to play according to their skills and bet capital.

  • The purpose of choosing a game room is to classify the player’s level, helping the player to catch the right fish.

  • Players should not rush to choose a room with high difficulty. Because of that, the player will fight with a lot of strong fish. Meanwhile, the player’s bets and skills are not enough, leading to failure.

  • If you want to preserve your bet capital and have more time to practice, you should choose “Demo”. This is a demo version, no stakes and the experience is still extremely realistic.

Calculating Total Amount Used

  • Each fish species will be destroyed by a certain amount of bullets. For small fish only need 1 to 2 bullets, big fish need 3 to 4 bullets. Even giant fish need 5 bullets to be defeated.

  • Players need to calculate the number of bullets fired, so there will be no waste. Players should remember that ammo is purchased with money and must be used sparingly and efficiently. Focus on firing bullets at the target until the fish dies. Avoid the case of too many targets, leading to lack of ammunition, in exchange for no results.

Persevere With The Goal

  • Being consistent with your goal is extremely important. This is even more true when the player applies to large fish, because they only appear for a short time.

  • If the player does not aim properly, persistently shoots bullets from the time the fish appears, the player has a high chance of losing the fish without getting the capital back.

Apply Appropriate Weapons

  • Weapons such as grenades, bombs, lasers, shark traps or radiation, … often appear at fish table products online. Players have to spend a lot of money to be able to buy.

  • Players should not rush to use weapons, wait for the right opportunity – a big boss appears. Then the special features of the weapon will help the player get a big bonus!

  • Players can use a combination of weapons, attack other targets to achieve high efficiency.

Set Time Limits

  • The fact that players sit in front of the computer or mobile phone for a long time will affect the player’s spirit and health. Although this game is extremely attractive, players should still have a limit to participate, avoiding affecting their health.

  • In addition, if you participate for a long time, the player’s game will not be of good quality. Players will lose the ability to concentrate, easily deviated in hunting.


Just now is the experience applied by the masters of hunting fish table online. Players can apply all or a few suitable tips. Hopefully the above will help players’ games become better and they get more bonuses!

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