Top Rumors People Believed About GTA Games


There is no need to elaborate on the stupendous success and unending popularity of the GTA games.
With each version, Rockstar game has managed to cram in enough attractions and introduce new elements to woo new players and retain loyal ones. However, from time to time, several rumors spread about the GTA games. All of these turned out to be absolutely fake!

Top Rumors People Believed About GTA Games

Listed below are some of the top GTA rumors that made headlines and buzz:

GTA 3 And Vice City’s Zombie Elvis

The Vice City and GTA 3 players almost believed this rumor. It was triggered by a Liberty Cock newspaper post.

GTA San Andreas Dinosaurs

Top Rumors People Believed About GTA Games

While there are plenty of gunfights and encounters with rival gangs in GTA played in San Andreas, the idea of encountering a t rex or velociraptor is too farfetched. This myth became popular and so Rockstar included a purple dinosaur in the 5th version of GTA.

Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot In San Andreas

A section of GAT fans keeps on thinking popular monsters and movie figures will be introduced in the lineup-which led to the origin of this rumor. The reality is the huge skeleton spotted in GTA V ocean is that of a whale. However, Rockstar did introduce Bigfoot into GTA 5 later.

Pyramid Head, Leatherface, Samara running amok in San Andreas

Top Rumors People Believed About GTA Games

The rumors of these monsters existing in the GTA universe did make a buzz. However, these proved to be unfounded rumors later. Maybe some fans kept thinking about some creepy elements in GTA games and that led to the creation of such rumors.

CJ’s Mom’s Ghost Haunting The San Andreas House

Whoever spread this GAT rumor was pretty imaginative. The spirit of Beverley Johnson, CJ’s mother returning from grave as a vengeful soul is somewhat weird. The screenshots spotted in its support turned out to be fake too!

Lola the prostitute

Lola del Rio in GTA 4 was quite popular. Many GTA fans tried to find her whereabouts only to be disappointed. A Liberty City Police database file is on her but that is all you get in the game. She does not exist otherwise in the GTA universe.

Atlantis in GTA 5 and San Andreas

San Andreas brought in a weird, shadowy sea map-leading to the creation of this absurd rumor. The GTA 5 underwater wreckage is, after all, a non-mythical shipwreck. So, it did not take long for this rumor to evaporate.


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